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Iliescu v. Steppan

Supreme Court of Nevada

May 25, 2017

MARK B. STEPPAN, Respondent.

         Appeal from a district court order for foreclosure of a mechanic's lien and an order denying a motion for NRCP 60(b) relief Second Judicial District Court, Washoe County; Elliott A. Sattler, Judge.

          Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright and D. Chris Albright and G. Mark Albright, Las Vegas, for Appellants.

          Hoy Chrissinger Kimmel Vallas, PC, and Michael D. Hoy, Reno, for Respondent.



          HARDESTY, J.

         NRS 108.245(1) requires mechanic's and materialmen's lien claimants to deliver a written notice of right to lien to the owner of the property after they first perform work on or provide material to a project. In Board of Trustees of the Vacation Trust Carpenters Local No. 1780 v. Durable Developers, Inc., 102 Nev. 401, 410, 724 P.2d 736, 743 (1986), this court held that "substantial compliance with the technical requirements of the lien statutes is sufficient to create a lien on the property where . .. the owner of the property receives actual notice of the potential lien claim and is not prejudiced." And we reaffirmed this holding in Fondren v. KIL Complex Ltd., 106 Nev. 705, 710, 800 P.2d 719, 721-22 (1990) ("The failure to serve the pre-lien notice does not invalidate a mechanics' or materialmen's lien where the owner received actual notice.")- In this appeal, we are asked to determine whether the actual notice exception should be extended to offsite work and services performed by an architect for a prospective buyer of the property. Because we hold that the actual notice exception does not apply to such offsite work and services when no onsite work has been performed on the property, we reverse.


         In July 2005, appellants John Iliescu, Jr., individually, and Sonnia Iliescu and John Iliescu, Jr., as trustees of the John Iliescu, Jr., and Sonnia Iliescu 1992 Family Trust Agreement (collectively, Iliescu) entered into a Land Purchase Agreement to sell four unimproved parcels in downtown Reno to Consolidated Pacific Development (CPD) for development of a high-rise, mixed-use project to be known as Wingfield Towers. The original agreement was amended several times and, as finally amended, entitled Iliescu to over $7 million, a condominium in the development, and several other inducements.

         During escrow, CPD assigned the Land Purchase Agreement to an affiliate, BSC Investments, LLC (BSC). BSC negotiated with a California architectural firm, Fisher Friedman Associates, to design the Wingfield Towers. Respondent Mark Steppan, a Fisher Friedman employee who is an architect licensed in Nevada, served as the architect of record for Fisher Friedman.

         In October 2005, Steppan sent an initial proposal to BSC that outlined design services and compensation equal to 5.75 percent of the total construction costs, which were estimated to be $180 million. In the interest of beginning design work, Steppan and BSC entered into an initial "stop-gap" agreement in November 2005 under which Steppan would bill hourly until an American Institute of Architects (AIA) agreement could be later signed. The AIA agreement between Steppan and BSC was signed in April 2006. The parties agreed that the final design contract would have an effective date of October 31, 2005, when Steppan began work.

         The AIA agreement provided for progressive billings based on a percentage of completion of five phases of the design work, including 20 percent of the total fee upon completion of the "schematic design" phase. Steppan completed the schematic design phase, and Wingfield Towers was able to secure the required entitlements and project approval from the Reno Planning Commission and the Reno City Council. BSC did not pay Steppan for his services under the contract, and Steppan recorded a mechanic's lien against Iliescu's property on November 7, 2006. Steppan did not provide Iliescu with a pre-lien notice.

         Financing for the Wingfield Towers project was never obtained, escrow never closed, and no onsite improvements were ever performed on the property. When the escrow was canceled, Iliescu's unimproved property was subject to Steppan's multimillion dollar lien claim for the unpaid invoices submitted to BSC.

         Iliescu applied to the district court for a release of Steppan's mechanic's lien, alleging that Steppan had failed to provide the required pre-lien notice before recording his lien. Steppan then filed a complaint to foreclose the lien. The two cases were consolidated, and Iliescu filed a motion for partial summary judgment on the pre-lien notice issue. Steppan filed a cross-motion for partial summary judgment, arguing that, although he failed to give the pre-lien notice required under NRS 108.245, such notice was not required under the "actual notice" exception recognized by this court in Fondren v. K/L Complex Ltd., 106 Nev. 705, 710, 800 P.2d 719, 721-22 (1990). Iliescu argued that he did not have the notice required under Fondren's actual notice exception.

         The district court denied Iliescu's motion but granted Steppan's motion, finding that no pre-lien notice was required because Iliescu had viewed the architectural drawings and attended meetings where the design team presented the drawings and thus had actual notice of the claim. The court found that even though Iliescu alleged he did not know the identity of the architects who were working on the ...

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